About Us

Although this is our first crowdfunding campaign, we have already built several large-scale water supply systems in Nepal and Cambodia with the support of our generous donors, ADOL monthly donation and our fundraising events. The projects are bringing clean water to countless beneficiaries!

Nepal Gravity Flow System

Location: Thewatar commune

Beneficiaries: 629 people

Nepal is known for its hilly terrain, villages in the Gorkha district are located at altitudes of 1,000-1,700 m. The earthquake in 2015 made the rugged roads villagers walk to fetch water even more dangerous. This project collects water from springs in the mountains and brings natural water resources to villagers' homes 7-10 kilometres away through water pipes. The project also includes hygiene and sanitation education, villager representatives pass on their knowledge to other villagers after trainings.

Cambodia Water Supply System

Location: Varin village

Beneficiaries: 2700 people

In more arid regions, groundwater is only available as deep as 40-60 meters. This water supply system uses machines to drill down 40-60 meters and stores water in a water tank tower. Then, water is connected to the villagers' homes through water pipes, villagers can have access to water in both dry and rainy seasons.

A Drop of Life

Established in 1998, A Drop of Life is a Hong Kong registered NGO that strives to ensure the access to clean water and sanitation a reality for everyone.We strongly believe that access to safe and clean drinking water is our basic survival right, and is also the key to solving long term problems such as poverty and low education level.

We work according to our mandate of “passing our love and working for love”, and we have been implementing sustainable water projects and building water facilities in the rural areas of Nepal, Cambodia, and Mainland China.At the same time, A Drop of Life is actively involved in formulating plans for poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and school rebuild, etc. We aim to give hope to those in need from life to livelihood.

In Hong Kong, we show our love and concern to underprivileged groups by organizing charity visits and goodie bag distribution events. To date, over 4.7 million people has benefited from the work of A Drop of Life.